Tuesday, August 11, 2020


A great safari destination.

Bostwana is a land-locked country located in Southern Africa and bordering Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

I was ready and excited with my required items including my passport for a full-day safari experience. 
Did I dress for the occasion? 

We had an early morning pick-up from our hotel in Victoria Falls. After more than two hour drive and a stop at the border, we reached the Chobe National Park. 

Chobe National Park is the third largest and most visited national park in Botswana.

We made a few stops on the road when our driver spotted a sighting of elephants. Some of them look frail and old but the baby elephants are cute.

A “game-drive” in South Africa is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife in a 4x4 open land rover. This is the number one activity for visitors. A thrilling and exciting adventure.

I am sharing my safari journey at a glance and some tidbits of safari information I've learned from this experience.

Chobe National Park is known for having one of the highest concentrations of elephants in the world.

Did you know that elephants are very social animals?  They live in groups and communicate using a variety of low-frequency rumbles that can travel for many miles. That's pretty amazing.

You would often hear the phrase “big five” in this part of the world. The big five represents the safari royalty - the African Lion, the African leopard, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, and the rhino. It’s a term used by early hunters who recognized that the big five were the hardest and most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. It is now commonly used for marketing slogans in the industry of Safari. 

We were lucky to see three. The lion and leopard were hiding.

I actually thought that giraffe is one of the big five because it’s big and tall. Apparently, he didn’t make the list. 

 My hope was to see a giraffe. They showed up and didn't disappoint me.

Giraffes are herbivores, which means they only eat plants and trees. Their long neck has a purpose; it allows them to reach their food. Most of us know that giraffes are the tallest animals on earth. They are tall but they look cute when you see them like this.

From cute to small, tall, big, heavy, and endangered animals, this place provides you with incredible wildlife sightings and experience.

This adventure gives you an excellent opportunity for photography. These tourists look like professionals.

You would meet locals and learn from them. Meet our expert tour guide on the cruise. 

Can you see a crocodile almost bit me? He didn't, because my camouflage rescued me.

My spirit shouts with joy and my heart whispers with gratefulness. 
I am blessed to be in this place at this moment.

Botswana is a wildlife haven. 
For me, it's the ultimate safari experience.

This day I spent in the wildlife safari . . . was one of the best days in my life!

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